MCQs / Quiz

Q 1. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these naval exercises is conducted jointly by India and Singapore?
a) Varuna b) Malabar c) Simbex d) Slinex
Q 2. KBC9EP27-28: In Tulsidasís Ramcharitmanas who says the following lines and to whom : Mangal bhawan, amangal Haari, Dravahu so Dasarath ajir bihari?
a) Kakbhushundi to Garuda b) Gargi to Maitreyi c) Shiva to Parvati d) Uddalaka to Shwetaketu
Q 3. KBC9EP27-28: Ram Prasad Bismil, Thakur Roshan Singh, Rajendra Nath Lahiri and Ashfaqullah Khan were all hanged for their role in which of the following?
a) Delhi Assembly Bombing b) Kakori conspiracy c) Saunderís murder d) Chauri Chaura Incident
Q 4. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these is produced in plants of Narora, Kakrapar and Tarapur?
a) Atomic power b) EMVs c) Coins d) Rail coaches
Q 5. KBC9EP27-28: Who did Dennis Lillee once reject as a fast bowler and about whom he later jokingly said, ĎI think I did him and the game of cricket a favourí?
a) Irphan Pathan b) Sourav Ganguly c) Sachin Tendulkar d) Brett Lee
Q 6. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these diseases is caused by a bacteria, not a virus?
a) Typhoid b) Dengue c) Chikungunya d) Mumps
Q 7. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these chief ministers has the middle name Gangadharrao?
a) Manohar Parrikar b) Siddaramaiah c) Vijay Rupani d) Devendra Fadnavis
Q 8. KBC9EP27-28: The south Eastern coast of India is called what?
a) Konkan b) Malabar c) Porbandar d) Coromandel
Q 9. KBC9EP27-28: What time would correspond to 23:23 hours?
a) 0.974305555555556 b) 11.11pm c) 7:23pm d) 9:11am
Q 10. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these games does not have a stringed racket?
a) Lawn Tennis b) Badminton c) Table tennis d) Squash