KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 1. KBC9EP27-28: Starting from the northernmost, arrange these char dhams in clockwise direction
a) Rameswaram b) Puri c) Dwarka d) Badrinath
Q 2. KBC9EP27-28: Arrange these objects in the order in which they were invented
a) Wheel b) Jet plane c) Motor car d) Space shuttle
Q 3. KBC9EP26: Arrange these events from Gandhijiís life in chronological order
a) Round table conference b) First visit to South Africa c) Return to India in 1915 d) First visit to England
Q 4. KBC9EP21-25: Arrange these political parties in increasing order of the number of MPs they have in the current Lok Sabha
a) Indian National Congress b) Aam Aadmi Party c) All India Trinamul Congress d) Bharatiya Janata Party
Q 5. KBC9EP21-25: Arrange these former Prime Ministers in decreasing order of the number of years they served in office
a) Manmohan Singh b) Jawaharlal Nehru c) Indira Gandhi d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Q 6. KBC9EP21-25: Starting with the first, arrange these cities in the order in which they would see the sunrise on a single date
a) Delhi b) Washington c) Tokyo d) Paris
Q 7. KBC9EP19: Starting with the earliest, arrange these stages of a studentís life in correct order
a) Primary school b) Secondary school c) Bachelorís course d) Kindergarten
Q 8. KBC9EP18: Arrange these Indian states according to their location from north to south
a) Madhya Pradesh b) Haryana c) Tamil Nadu d) Telangana
Q 9. KBC9EP18: Arrange these mythological characters in the ascending order of the number that appears in their name
a) Trijata b) Dashanan c) Sahastrabaahu d) Ashtavakra
Q 10. KBC9EP17: Arrange these words to form the name of a Salman Khan movie
a) Ratan b) Prem c) Payo d) Dhan