Animals Quiz / MCQs

Q 1. What is a gecko?
a) Common house lizard b) Bat c) Dinosaur d) Snake
Q 2. Birds replace their feathers periodically in a process called...?
a) Migration b) Shedding c) Preening d) Molting
Q 3. From which animal is the valuable Pashmina wool obtained?
a) Black sheep b) Ram c) Himalayan goat d) Deer
Q 4. What are egg laying animals known as?
a) Carnivorous b) Oviparous c) Herbivorous d) Reptiles
Q 5. What is the gestation period of an African elephant?
a) Six months b) Nine months c) Twenty one months d) One year
Q 6. Which bird's eye are larger than its brain?
a) Owl b) Parrot c) Ostrich d) Eagle
Q 7. Feathers are made up of an insoluble protein called...?
a) Keratin b) Down c) Cartilage d) Calamus
Q 8. Birds maintain a body temperature in the range of___________?
a) 20C to 22C b) 0C to 4C c) 40 to 44C d) 104C to 111C
Q 9. Contour, or body, feathers provide birds with___________?
a) Insulation b) All of the above c) Streamlining d) Weatherproofing
Q 10. What is the most important part of an egg called?
a) White b) Germ c) Shell membrane d) Yolk