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Books Quiz: 38 Questions with Answers
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KBC Questionnaire of KBC6, KBC7 & KBC8 with answers - DOWNLOAD
Q 1. "The Jungle Books" are more than just Mowgli. Which of these stories does not appear in "The Jungle Books"?
a) On Greenhow Hillb) The White Seal
c) The Undertakersd) Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Books Quiz

Q 2. From whom did Mowgli get the idea for how to defeat the Dhole, the Red Dogs?
a) Buldeob) Akela
c) Kaad) Bagheera
Books Quiz

Q 3. Who is the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four?
a) Aldous Huxleyb) Charles Dickens
c) George Orwelld) Jules Verne
Books Quiz

Q 4. On which Greek island is Gerald Durrell's famous book "My Family And Other Animals" set?
a) Creteb) Corfu
c) Mykonosd) Spetses
Books Quiz

Q 5. The footballer Roy of the Rovers appeared in which children's comic?
a) The Beanob) The Whopper
c) The Dandyd) The Tiger
Books Quiz

Q 6. Who is the author of Sense And Sensibility?
a) Jane Austenb) E.M. Forster
c) Emily Bronted) Charlotte Bronte
Books Quiz

Q 7. Who are "The Little People of the Rocks", who Mowgli uses against the Red Dogs?
a) Beesb) Snakes
c) A neighbouring wolf packd) A kind of Indian fairy, or genii
Books Quiz

Q 8. "Tomorrow is just another day." Which famous American novel ends with this sentence?
a) Seedsb) The Great Gatsby
c) Gone with the Windd) Roots
Books Quiz

Q 9. Which “iconic” author appears on the cover of the Beatles Sgt Pepper LP?
a) Captain W. E. Johnsb) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
c) Lewis Carrolld) Rudyard Kipling
Books Quiz

Q 10. Which author is Kipling referring to when he writes "He had 'jazzed' the motif of the "Jungle Books" and, I imagine, had thorougly enjoyed himself"?
a) Richard Adamsb) James Barrie
c) Edgar Rice Bourroughsd) L. Frank Baum
Books Quiz

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