History Quiz / MCQs

Q 1. Tipu made peace with the ____________in 1784?
a) Nizam of Hyderabad b) Rajputs c) Marathas d) British
Q 2. When was Tipu born?
a) 1744 b) 1742 c) 1755 d) 1749
Q 3. In which century did Portuguese merchants first land in Goa?
a) 16th b) 14th c) 15th d) 17th
Q 4. In 1798, Tipu signed a secret agreement with the French leader__________?
a) Lafayette b) Napoleon c) Robespierre d) Louis XVIII
Q 5. Which art was patronised by jahangir?
a) Music b) Sculpture c) Painting d) Architecture
Q 6. Which of these cities has the maximum number of historical monuments?
a) Punjab b) Kolkata c) Delhi d) Mumbai
Q 7. What was the name of Tipu Sultan's father?
a) Mir Sadiq b) Ghazi Khan c) Pandit Purnia d) Haydar Ali
Q 8. In 1789, Tipu attacked the British controlled state of Travancore, triggering another war
a) Mountbatten b) Dallhousie c) Wellseley d) Cornwallis
Q 9. Which caves dating back to 600 AD are located on Gharapuri Island in Mumbai's harbour?
a) Kanheri Caves b) Ellora Caves c) Elephanta Caves d) Ajanta Caves
Q 10. The Gandhi Mandapam where Gandhiji's ashes were placed before immersion is in________?
a) Ganga b) Ahmedabad c) Kanyakumari d) Gandhinagar