Politics Quiz / MCQs

Q 1. Which famous Leader was hanged to death in december 2006?
a) Pervez Musharraf b) Rajeev Gandhi c) Saddam Hussein d) Osama Bin Laden
Q 2. When did Gandhiji launch the Quit India movement?
a) 9th August 1942 b) 9th August 1938 c) 9th August 1940 d) 9th August 1944
Q 3. Which of the following Constitutional posts is enjoyed for a fixed term?
a) President b) Governor c) Prime Minister d) Chief Justice
Q 4. In which high-security area in Delhi did two bomb blasts take place on Wednesday?
a) Rashtrapati Bhavan b) South Block-Sena Bhawan area c) Vayu Bhavan d) Sunder Bhawan
Q 5. How many judges sat on the bench to hear the landmark case of Keshavananda Bharati V State of Kerala in 1973?
a) 13 b) 11 c) 7 d) 9
Q 6. Which former President had the unique distinction of getting two consecutive terms in office?
a) Giani Zail Singh b) Dr Zakir Hussain c) Dr Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed d) Dr Rajendra Prasad
Q 7. From which Constitution was the Concept of a Five Year Plan borrowed into the Indian Constitution?
a) USSR b) Ireland c) USA d) UK
Q 8. Who said, 'those who attack Congress and spare Nehru are fools, They do not know the ABC of politics'?
a) Atal Behari Vajpayee b) Laloo Prasad Yadav c) Shyama Prasad Mukherji d) Dr BR Ambedkar
Q 9. Which of the following words was added into the Pre-amble of the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976?
a) Socialist b) Federal c) Republic d) Sovereign
Q 10. When did Jawaharlal Nehru die?
a) 27th June 1954 b) 27th May 1964 c) 27th June 1959 d) 27th May 1974