Religious Beliefs Quiz / MCQs

Q 1. In the epic Ramayana, which bird tried to prevent Ravana from carrying Sita away?
a) Garuda b) Vibhishan c) Bhulinga d) Jatayu
Q 2. Which Indian fesival is celebrated once every twelve years?
a) Ganesh Chaturthi b) Kurukshetra c) Kumbhamela d) Pagoda mela
Q 3. In Hindu mythology, who is the god of death?
a) Yama b) Indra c) Brahma d) Sarswati
Q 4. Who is the goddess of speech, wisdom and learning?
a) Saraswati b) Shasti c) Satyanarayana d) Savitar
Q 5. Who is the goddess of the sacred Ganges river in India?
a) Ganga b) Indra c) Kubera d) Ganesha
Q 6. Who was an ancient goddess who existed from before the beginning of time?
a) Anala b) Agastya c) Agni d) Ammavaru
Q 7. She has four arms, representing the four spiritual virtues, Who is this goddess?
a) Lakshmi b) Kama c) Manasa-Devi d) Jaganmatri
Q 8. As a form of Parvati, this goddess lured demons to their death, Who is she?
a) Anala b) Anantesa c) Anila d) Ambika
Q 9. Who wrote the Mahabharata?
a) Vedavyasa b) Rig Veda c) Lord Ganesh d) Valmiki
Q 10. Who were the male guardians of the air, forests and mountains?
a) Gandharvas b) Nakshatras c) Rhibus d) Sadhyas