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Quiz: Mutliple Choice Questions and Answers
All the questions listed under the category KBC Questions are the KBC questions and answers which are already asked in KBC Quiz (Kaun Banega Crorepati).
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Q 1. (KBC8REG) May 25, 2014: Which of these diseases is also known as ‘dimaagi bukhar’?
a) Tetanusb) Rabies
c) Japanese Encephalitisd) Dengue
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 2. (KBC8REG) May 24, 2014: Which group did Sampat Pal Devi start in Bundelkhand to fight violence against women?
a) Nari Mukti Vahinib) Mahila Morcha
c) Laxmibai Senad) Gulabi Gang
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 3. (KBC8REG) May 23, 2014: In late 2013, which actor became a trending topic on social media sites as “Sanskari Babuji”?
a) Alok Nathb) Anupam Kher
c) Mukesh Khannad) Nitish Bharadwaj
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 4. (KBC8REG) May 22, 2014: In 2013, which of these commodities in many parts of India saw an unexpected price rise to more than Rs.80 per kg?
a) Potatob) Sugar
c) CNGd) Onion
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 5. (KBC8REG) May 21, 2014: In 2014, India and 10 other Asian countries have been certified free of what disease by WHO?
a) Tuberculosisb) Polio
c) Small Poxd) Plague
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 6. (KBC8REG) May 20, 2014: Which of these phrases refers to the act of making a fool of somebody?
a) Total Siyapaab) Boogie Woogie
c) Jhingalaalad) Ullu Banaoing
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 7. (KBC8REG) May 15, 2014: The bhajan “Raghupati Raghava” is sung in praise of which deities?
a) Laxmi-Ganeshb) Sita-Rama
c) Radha-Krishnad) Uma-Maheshwar
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 8. (KBC8REG) May 14, 2014: Which of these mythological figures share a ‘Mama-Bhanja’ relationship?
a) Shakuni-Duryodhanab) Krishna-Sudama
c) Angad-Sugrivad) Jarasandha-Kansa
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 9. (KBC8REG) May 13, 2014: Whose official residence in New Delhi is 7, Race course Road?
a) Presidentb) Chief Justice of India
c) Speaker of the Lok Sabhad) Prime Minister
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 10. (KBC8REG) May 12, 2014: The Krishna-Godavari Basin is one of the largest reserves in India of which natural resources?
a) Aluminiumb) Natural Gas
c) Coald) Zinc
KBC Questions Quiz


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