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Quiz: Mutliple Choice Questions and Answers
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Q 1. (KBC8EP42) What is the taste of pure water?
a) bitterb) tasteless
c) sweetd) salty
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 2. (KBC8EP42) In which of these sports does a player not require any equipment?
a) polob) kabaddi
c) gili-dandad) snooker
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 3. (KBC8EP42) Starting with the earliest, arrange these cricketers in order in which they made their ODI debut.
a) Yuvraj Singhb) Shikhar Dhawan
c) Rahul Dravidd) Stuart Binny
Answer: CABD
KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz

Q 4. (KBC8EP42) Which of these festivals is celebrated in the month of Maagh?
a) Vasant Panchamib) Ganesh Chaturthi
c) Buddha Purnimad) Ram Navami
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 5. (KBC8EP42) Which of these is not a crispy snack?
a) papadb) khakhra
c) paprid) dhokhla
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 6. (KBC8EP42) According to a Madhuri Dixit movie what is Dedh?
a) bewakufiab) sishkia
c) yaariyaand) isquiya
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 7. (KBC8EP42) Starting with the earliest, arrange these female politicians in order in which they became members of Parliament?
a) Smriti Iranib) Sushma Swaraj
c) Vijaya Lakshmi Panditd) Indira Gandhi
Answer: CDBA
KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz

Q 8. (KBC8EP42) Which of these brands is named after a French opera which is set in India?
a) Limcab) Loreal
c) Lakmed) Lux
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 9. (KBC8EP41) Ruquaia Begum was the wife of which Mughal Emperor?
a) Aurangzebb) Akbar
c) Jahangird) Humayun
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 10. (KBC8EP41) Who is the author of the recently published book NOT JUST AN AUTHOR?
a) Raghuram Rajanb) Arvind Kejriwal
c) Markhande Katjud) Vinod Rai
KBC Questions Quiz

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