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Quiz: 3314 Questions with Answers
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KBC Questionnaire of KBC6, KBC7 & KBC8 with answers - DOWNLOAD
Q 1. (KBC8EP47) Arrange these items in order in which they are worn by a woman from top to bottom.
a) naak ki nathnib) hoton ki laali
c) aakhon ka kajrad) mathein ki bindia
Answer: DCAB
KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz

Q 2. (KBC8EP47) Kathiawari,Marwari,Zanskari and Bhutia are all breeds of what animal found in India?
a) cowb) bull
c) cameld) horse
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 3. (KBC8EP47) The spice saffron is obtained from which flower?
a) Rhododendronb) Tulip
c) Crocusd) Lady’s Slipper
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 4. (KBC8EP47) After the battle of Kurukshetra who gave Yudhisthira lessons on Raj Dharma?
a) Krishnab) Bhishma
c) Vidurd) Ved Vyas
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 5. (KBC8EP47) Which of these countries has Narendra Modi not visited as prime minister of India?
a) Brazilb) Bhutan
c) Japand) Bangladesh
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 6. (KBC8EP47) For excellence in which sport did Yogeswar Dutt win the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?
a) weight liftingb) wrestling
c) boxingd) shooting
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 7. (KBC8EP47) Oesophagus, liver, pancreas and intestines are part of which system of a human body?
a) respiratoryb) reproductive
c) digestived) nervous
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 8. (KBC8EP47) The name of which of these cities means a fort?
a) Ambikapurb) Dantewada
c) Jagdalpurd) Durg
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 9. (KBC8EP47) By Which name was India’s first prime minister also known?
a) Mahatmajib) Sardarji
c) Rajajid) Panditji

Q 10. (KBC8EP46) What are LCD, LED, plasma with reference to television?
a) Display screensb) set top boxes
c) remotesd) lens
KBC Questions Quiz

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