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Quiz: Mutliple Choice Questions and Answers
All the questions listed under the category KBC Questions are the KBC questions and answers which are already asked in KBC Quiz (Kaun Banega Crorepati).
Click on KBC Quiz: Fastest Finger First to get the collection of asked fastest finger first questions with their answers.
Q 1. (KBC8EP20) Which of these major ports is on the west coast of India?
a) Paradipb) Haldia
c) Mangalored) Nagappattinam
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 2. (KBC8EP20) In Hindu mythology which of these are not brothers from the same mother?
a) Laksman-Bharatb) Bheem-Karna
c) Nakul-Sahadevd) Laksman-Satrughna
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 3. (KBC8EP20) Which of these is not a computer file format for music storage?
a) mp3b) AAC
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 4. (KBC8EP20) Which of these is also called Rava?
a) Reshamb) Suji
c) Maidad) Revdi
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 5. (KBC8EP20) According to a Shahid Kapoor film title, what comes out of a phata poster?
a) Chuhab) Billi
c) Herod) Villain
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 6. (KBC8EP20) Arrange these body parts in Sanskrit from head down
a) Netrab) Jihva
c) Nasikad) Hriday
Answer: ACBD
KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz

Q 7. (KBC8EP20) What was the capital of Madhya Pradesh before Bhopal?
a) Indoreb) Nagpur
c) Jhansid) Raipur
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 8. (KBC8EP20) Which of these is a serpent according to the Devi Bhagawata?
a) Kichakab) Taraka
c) Sumerud) Takshaka
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 9. (KBC8EP20) Which was the last autonomous territory or protectorate to integrate with the Indian union?
a) Goab) Chandernagar
c) Sikkimd) Diu
KBC Questions Quiz

Q 10. (KBC8EP20) Which is the most malleable metal?
a) bronzeb) copper
c) goldd) aluminum
KBC Questions Quiz

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