Religious Beliefs Quiz / MCQs

Q 91. Only twice in his entire life did Lakshmana disobey Shri Rama's orders, What did he do [ at one of these times ]?
a) He let a soldier come into a room when given orders not to let anyone in b) He forgot to fix a bow c) He left Sita when told to guard her d) He meandered when sent on an errand
Q 92. Who was Lakshmana's wife?
a) Shrutakirti b) Mandavi c) Urmila d) Sita
Q 93. Who was Lakshmana's mother?
a) Kaikeyi b) Kaushalya c) Urmila d) Sumitra
Q 94. Which god in the Hindu pantheon is known as 'Prajapati'?
a) Brahma b) Vishnu c) Shiva d) Surya
Q 95. Which of these people did Lakshmana never threaten to raise arms against?
a) Dasaratha b) Parshurama c) Janaka d) Bharata
Q 96. When Rama and company go in search of Sita, Hanuman crosses an ocean to reach Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana, in one giant leap, However, before taking the giant leap, Hanuman was unaware of his own capabilities, Who informs Hanuman that he is indeed capable of jumping over the ocean?
a) Lord Shiva b) Rama c) Sugriva d) Jambavanta
Q 97. Who informs Rama first that Ravana has abducted Sita and taken her to Lanka?
a) Hanuman b) Sampathi c) Jatayu d) Jambavanta