Personalities Quiz / MCQs

Q 161. In what year was Charlie Chaplin born?
a) 1890 b) 1888 c) 1887 d) 1889
Q 162. Where is Charlie's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located?
a) 6712 Hollywood Blvd b) 6738 Hollywood Blvd c) 6751 Hollywood Blvd d) 6780 Hollywood Blvd
Q 163. In what year did Charlie die?
a) 1977 b) 1975 c) 1973 d) 1979
Q 164. How many of Charlie Chaplin's movies appeared on AFI's 100 Years___100 Movies [1998]?
a) 2 b) 5 c) 4 d) 3
Q 165. What was Tom Cruise's character's name in his first movie?
a) Woody b) Billy c) Steve Randle d) David Shawn
Q 166. Where is Charlie's house, [known as the 'Breakaway House'], located?
a) 1085 Summit Drive b) 1185 Summit Drive c) 1285 Summit Drive d) 1385 Summit Drive
Q 167. In 1992, Cruise appeared in an educational video dealing with what topic?
a) Alcoholism and the effects on a family b) Ways to say no to peer pressure c) HIV and AIDS d) Teen pregnancy and the consequences
Q 168. In what year was Charlie knighted by Queen Elizabeth II?
a) 1977 b) 1975 c) 1976 d) 1974
Q 169. Which British Governor-General was responsible for establishing the Calcutta Medical College?
a) Lord William Bentick b) Lord Wellesley c) Lord Canning d) Lord Cornwalis