KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 11. KBC9EP16: Starting with the earliest, arrange these presidents of India in the order when they have first served in that office
a) Pratibha Patil b) Ram Nath Kovind c) Pranab Mukherjee d) A P J Abdul Kalam
Q 12. KBC9EP16: Starting from the earliest, arrange these Indian Captains in the order in which they first led India in ODIs
a) Sourav Ganguly b) Mohammad Azharuddin c) M S Dhoni d) Virat Kohli
Q 13. KBC9EP14: Starting with the shortest, arrange these animals in increasing order of their normal heights
a) Giraffe b) Rat c) Bear d) Elephant
Q 14. KBC9EP13: Arrange the following in increasing order of their value
a) Dedh Rapaye b) Sava Do Rupaye c) Dhai Rupaye d) Do Rupaye
Q 15. KBC9EP12: Arrange these historic travelers who visited India in the chronological order of their arrival
a) Hiuen Tsang b) Vasco Da Gama c) Ibn Battuta d) Megasthenes
Q 16. KBC9EP11: Arrange these chief ministers in the chronological order of their assuming the office of CM for the first time
a) Arvind Kejriwal b) Yogi Adityanath c) Mehboob Mufti d) Manohar Parrikar
Q 17. KBC9EP11: Starting from January, arrange these tennis grand slams in the order in which they are held in a year
a) French Open b) Wimbledon c) US Open d) Australian Open
Q 18. KBC9EP9: According to the official Table of Precedence of India, arrange these constitutional posts in descending order of hierarchy
a) Prime minister b) President c) Governor of States d) Vice President
Q 19. KBC9EP9: Arrange the following in increasing order of their duration
a) Varsh b) Din c) Saptah d) Mahina
Q 20. KBC9EP8: Starting from the northernmost, arrange these Union Territories from north to south
a) Puducherry b) Delhi c) Chandigarh d) Daman and Diu