KBC: Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Quiz / MCQs

Q 11. (KBC7) Which is the highest gallantry award given by the Indian Government?
a) Shaurya Chakra b) Maha vir Chakra c) Param Vir Chakra d) Kirti Chakra
Q 12. (KBC7) Who has been conferred the DadaSaheb Phalke award in 2013?
a) Shashi Kapoor b) Danny Denzongpa c) Pran d) Shamshad begum
Q 13. (KBC7) Which of these characters had the divine power to see the kurukshetra war sitting in Hastinapur?
a) Gandhari b) Kunti c) Dhirudhirashtra d) Sanjay
Q 14. (KBC7) There is a separate Union ministry in India related to which of these natural resources?
a) Gold b) Iron Ore c) Bauxite d) Coal
Q 15. (KBC7) To empower which group of society has the Government of India announced setting up the 'Nirbhaya fund' in 2013 ?
a) Senior Citizens b) Women c) Unemployed Youth d) Disabled Persons
Q 16. (KBC7) Which of these regions shares its borders with China?
a) Rajouri b) Darjeeling c) Ladakh d) Kangra
Q 17. (KBC7) Who among these spent his life in imprisonment in Pakistan from 1990 to 2013?
a) Sarabjit Singh b) Gopal Das c) Kashmir Singh d) Ram Das
Q 18. (KBC7) Which of these films was released to celebrate 100 years of the Indian film industry?
a) Bombay Meri Jaan b) Salaam Bombay c) Bombay Talkies d) Bombay Dreams
Q 19. (KBC7) Which of these is another name of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge?
a) Yashoda b) Sharda c) Janki d) Shushma
Q 20. (KBC7) Which of these cricketers is popular with the title 'Sir' on social networking sites?
a) Virendra Sehwag b) Ravindra Jadeja c) Suresh Raina d) Harbhajan Singh