KBC Questions Quiz / MCQs

Q 11. KBC9EP27-28: Which of the following was once a lifeline on Kaun Banega Crorepati?
a) Tridev b) Triguni c) Trimurti d) Trilok
Q 12. KBC9EP27-28: The traditional attire ‘pheta’ is worn on which part of the body?
a) Arm b) Head c) Waist d) Chest
Q 13. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these Hindi idioms means to defame someone?
a) Keechad Uchhalna b) Paani Daalna c) Mitti Khodna d) Rang Lagaana
Q 14. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these chief ministers has also worked as a handloom weaver in the early phase of his career?
a) Pinarayi Vijayan b) Manik Sarkar c) Nitish Kumar d) Ashok Gehlot
Q 15. KBC9EP27-28: Which of the following did not complete it’s 10th anniversary in 2017?
a) IPL b) iPhone c) Mangalyaan d) T20 World Cup
Q 16. KBC9EP27-28: Which of the following actresses hails from Sri Lanka?
a) Diana Penty b) Jacqueline Fernandez c) Amy Jackson d) Lisa Haydon
Q 17. KBC9EP27-28: The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of these Indian states?
a) Gujarat b) Chattisgarh c) West Bengal d) Odisha
Q 18. KBC9EP27-28: How do we better know the character Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi played by Salman Khan in one of his films?
a) Tubelight b) Bodyguard c) Bajrangi Bhaijan d) Veer
Q 19. KBC9EP27-28: Sunscreen lotion protects our skin against which rays?
a) UA b) UC c) UV d) UM
Q 20. KBC9EP27-28: Which of these is an authentic Goan dessert?
a) Kaju Katli b) Bebinca c) Ghewar d) Sandesh