Animals Quiz / MCQs

Q 11. Name the bird that enters a saltwater crocodile's mouth to pick out the parasites and food particles...?
a) Kingfisher b) Crow c) Sparrow d) Nile plover
Q 12. Which living bird lays the world's largest egg?
a) Ostrich b) Owl c) Vulture d) Eagle
Q 13. Which animal can look two ways at the same time?
a) Snake b) Lizard c) Chameleon d) Tortoise
Q 14. What is the study of bird eggs called?
a) Oology b) Zoology c) Ichthyology d) Ornithology
Q 15. Snakes that are active in daytime generally have round pupils
a) Vertical pupils b) Round pupils c) No pupils d) Horizontal pupils
Q 16. Which is the world's leading egg-producing country?
a) Japan b) China c) Malaysia d) India
Q 17. Which living bird lays the world's smallest egg?
a) Bee Humming Bird b) Gulls c) Woodpecker d) Hornbill
Q 18. Which of these animals walks like a camel?
a) Dog b) Cat c) Elephant d) Giraffe
Q 19. Name the bird that migrates from the North Pole to the South Pole and back...?
a) Penguin b) Crane c) Arctic tern d) Swallow
Q 20. Which is the Tallest dog (breed)?
a) Dalmatian b) Greyhound c) Great Dane d) Dobberman