Geography Quiz / MCQs

Q 11. Rouff is a folk dance
a) Himachal Pradesh b) Assam c) Mizoram d) Kashmir
Q 12. Located in India it is Asia's largest residential university
a) Banaras Hindu University b) The Utkal University c) Jawaharlal Nehru University d) Anna University
Q 13. Name the largest freshwater lake in India_______________?
a) Dal Lake b) Powai lake c) Wular lake d) Chilka lake
Q 14. Jhabua are tribals from____________?
a) Gujarat b) Rajasthan c) Maharashtra d) Madhya Pradesh
Q 15. Which of these places grow apples in abundance?
a) Manali b) Leh c) Ooty d) Kodaikanal
Q 16. Which Indian city manufactured balls for the World Cup Football?
a) Ludhiana b) Mumbai c) Jalandhar d) Chennai
Q 17. The driest place on Earth is Calama, located in what desert?
a) Gobi b) Kalahari c) Sahara d) Atacama
Q 18. Which country has the lowest rate of newspaper circulation per capita?
a) Iceland b) India c) Italy d) Indonesia
Q 19. Which river is located in Kolkata [Calcutta]?
a) Godavari b) Hooghly c) Sabarmati d) Adyar, Cooum
Q 20. Which place was once a French trading centre and is also the home of the famous Aurobindo Ashram?
a) Andaman b) Hyderabad c) Nicobar d) Pondicherry