KBC Questions Quiz / MCQs

Q 2241. (KBC8EP43) Which of these leaders would not have seen the Taj Mahal in their lifetime?
a) Aurangzeb b) Sher Shah Suri c) Bahadur Shah d) Shah Alam II
Q 2242. (KBC8EP43) In the Hindu shastra which of these is mentioned as a powerful weapon?
a) Dharmastra b) Rudrashtra c) Krishnastra d) Bramhastra
Q 2243. (KBC8EP43) Which of these actresses is Uday Chopra's bhabi?
a) Kajol b) Raveena Tandon c) Vidya Balan d) Rani Mukherjee
Q 2244. (KBC8EP43) In which direction does the needle of a compass point?
a) east b) west c) north d) south
Q 2245. (KBC8EP43) In the 2014 Asian games on which event did India win gold medal in both male and female categories?
a) volleyball b) kabaddi c) hockey d) archery
Q 2246. (KBC8EP43) Which of these names is a part of a play by Kalidas?
a) Menaka b) Rambha c) Urvashi d) Tilottama
Q 2247. (KBC8EP43) Who was appointed as the chief justice of India in 2014?
a) R M Lodha b) H L Dattu c) P Shathasivam d) M Y Eqbal
Q 2248. (KBC8EP43) With reference to vehicles, which of these is advised to be used at night?
a) horn b) Hand brake c) Dipper d) power window
Q 2249. (KBC8EP43) To which character is the dialogue “Salim ka pyar tumhe marne nahi degi aur hum tumhe jeene nahi denge” addressed?
a) chameli b) anarkali c) jalebi bai d) champakali
Q 2250. (KBC8EP43) With respect to investment, what does ppp stand for?
a) public project panel b) public project promotion c) paid public project d) public private partnership