KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 231. (KBC8EP13) From the earliest to the latest, arrange these Salman Khan movies according to the year of release?
a) Karan Arjun b) Maine Pyar Kiya c) Dabangg d) Kick
Q 232. (KBC8EP14) Starting with the least, arrange these Hindi numbers in increasing order?
a) atthavan b) taitalleesh c) atthasee d) unnasee
Q 233. (KBC8EP15) Starting with the least, arrange these parties in the increasing order of their number of seats in the Lok Sabha?
a) Indian National Congress b) BJP c) Trinomul Congress d) Aam admi Party
Q 234. (KBC8EP16) Starting from ground level, arrange these play areas or equipments in order of their heights?
a) Table tennis b) volleyball c) basketball d) cricket pitch
Q 235. (KBC8EP17) Starting from the easternmost arrange these SAARC countries in clockwise direction.
a) Maldives b) Afghanistan c) Sri Lanka d) Bangladesh
Q 236. (KBC8EP18) Arrange the lyrics of this song picturised on Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in the right order.
a) Karne Laga b) Dhak dhak c) Darne laga d) Ho mora jiyara
Q 237. (KBC8EP19) Starting with Shanivar arrange these words in the successive order of days mentioned in them
a) guru dakshina b) mangal kamna c) Ravi tanya d) som kalash
Q 238. (KBC8EP20) Arrange these body parts in Sanskrit from head down
a) Netra b) Jihva c) Nasika d) Hriday
Q 239. (KBC8EP21) Starting with the earliest, arrange these cricketers according to their ODI debut.
a) Yuvraj Singh b) Stuart Binny c) Suresh Raina d) Sourav Ganguly
Q 240. (KBC8EP22) Starting with the closest, arrange these places according to their distance from Kanyakumari.
a) Chennai b) Bhubaneshwar c) Hyderabad d) kolkata