KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 231. (KBC8EP43) Starting with the earliest, arrange these monuments in India in order in which they were built.
a) Great Stupa, Sanchi b) Buland Darwaza,Fatehpur Sikri c) Rajghat, Delhi d) Shabarmati Ashram,Ahmedabad
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Q 232. (KBC8EP45) Starting with the longest arrange these Hindi film titles according to the numbers mentioned in them
a) Bees Saal Bad b) 36 ghante c) 100 Days d) Woh Saat Din
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Q 233. (KBC8EP46) Starting with the north and moving clockwise arrange these film titles according to the cities mentioned in them?
a) Chennai Express b) Delhi Belly c) Mumbai Mirror d) Banaras
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Q 234. (KBC8EP46) Arrange these words of a Hindi proverb in the right order
a) padna b) akal c) par d) parda
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Q 235. (KBC8EP47) Arrange these items in order in which they are worn by a woman from top to bottom.
a) naak ki nathni b) hoton ki laali c) aakhon ka kajra d) mathein ki bindia
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