KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 251. (KBC8EP38) Arrange these cities in order in which they are situated from north to south?
a) Srinagar b) Hyderabad c) Bengaluru d) Lucknow
Q 252. (KBC8EP39) Starting from 1947,arrange these political events related to India in chronological order.
a) first woman prime minister b) first general elections c) freedom from British rule d) first woman president
Q 253. (KBC8EP40) Arrange these words in the right order to form a Hindi proverb.
a) chot b) ki c) danke d) par
Q 254. (KBC8EP41) Starting with the first arrange these names in order in which they came in contact with Lord Rama in the Ramayana
a) Hanuman b) Bhibishan c) Sita d) Kaushalya
Q 255. (KBC8EP42) Starting with the earliest, arrange these female politicians in order in which they became members of Parliament?
a) Smriti Irani b) Sushma Swaraj c) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit d) Indira Gandhi
Q 256. (KBC8EP42) Starting with the earliest, arrange these cricketers in order in which they made their ODI debut.
a) Yuvraj Singh b) Shikhar Dhawan c) Rahul Dravid d) Stuart Binny
Q 257. (KBC8EP43) Starting with the earliest arrange these real life couples in order of their first appearance together in a Hindi film.
a) Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor b) Dilip Kumar-Saira Banu c) Abhishek Bacchan – Aiswaria Rai d) Rishi Kapoor- Neetu Singh
Q 258. (KBC8EP43) Arrange these things from top to bottom in order in of the body part on which they are used or worn
a) reshmi salwar b) jooti tilledar c) kajre ki dhar d) kurta jalidar
Q 259. (KBC8EP43) Starting with the earliest, arrange these monuments in India in order in which they were built.
a) Great Stupa, Sanchi b) Buland Darwaza,Fatehpur Sikri c) Rajghat, Delhi d) Shabarmati Ashram,Ahmedabad
Q 260. (KBC8EP45) Starting with the longest arrange these Hindi film titles according to the numbers mentioned in them
a) Bees Saal Bad b) 36 ghante c) 100 Days d) Woh Saat Din