KBC: Fastest Finger First Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. KBC9EP7: Starting with the first, arrange the following scientists in chronological order of their era
a) Galileo Galilei b) CV Raman c) A P J Abdul Kalam d) Issac Newton
Q 22. KBC9EP7: Arrange these ailments, from the bottom to the top of a human body according to the parts they mainly affect
a) Kidney stone b) Goitre c) Flat foot d) Night blindness
Q 23. KBC9EP5: Arrange these states in increasing order of the area they occupy from the smallest to the largest.
a) Uttar Pradesh b) Rajasthan c) Assam d) Goa
Q 24. KBC9EP3: Starting with the earliest, arrange these festivals in the order of their celebration in the calendar year of 2017?
a) Dussehra b) Makar Sankranti c) Janmashtami d) Baisakhi
Q 25. KBC9EP2: Arrange these sporting events, from the shortest to longest, In terms of the standard duration of each event.
a) Hockey Match b) 100 m race c) Football Match d) Test Cricket Match
Q 26. KBC9EP2: Arrange these idioms according to the body parts named in them from top to bottom of a human body?
a) Naak Katana b) Aankh Dikhana c) Gale ki Haddi d) Muh Fulana
Q 27. KBC9EP1: Starting from the northernmost, arrange these mountain and hill ranges from north to south.
a) Nilgiri b) Aravalli c) Himalaya d) Vindhya
Q 28. KBC9EP1: Arrange these important events of 2016.17 as they occurred in India in chronological order
a) Launch of GST b) Demonetisation c) Union Budget 2017 d) Presidential Elections
Q 29. Arrange these processes involved in the making of an 'aaloo paratha' in the correct order.
a) Boil potatoes b) Make the potato dough c) Fry on tawa d) Mash potato
Q 30. Arrange these names in increasing order of the numbers represented in them.
a) Chaturanan b) Panchanan c) Dashabahu d) Ekanga