KBC: Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. (KBC7) Which of these positions in India is a constitutional post?
a) Chairman, Railway Board b) National Security Advisor c) Attorney General for India d) Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Q 22. (KBC7) Maharana Pratap became the king of which place in 1572?
a) Amer b) Mewar c) Ajmer d) Kannauj
Q 23. (KBC7) Which country's first woman prime minister was Margaret Thatcher?
a) Canada b) United Kingdom c) South Africa d) Australia
Q 24. (KBC7) In the context of Hindi film songs, If Munni is 'Badnaam' and Chameli is 'Chikni' then Babli is what?
a) Bindaas b) Bewafa c) Badmaas d) Badhtamiz
Q 25. (KBC7) How many times does the Earth revolve around the Sun each year?
a) Four Times b) Twice c) Thrice d) Once
Q 26. (KBC8) How many seats does a party need to attain single majority in the Lok Sabha?
a) 250 b) 300 c) 272 d) 200
Q 27. (KBC8) Which of these names is an appellation of Lord Shiva?
a) Raghunath b) Indrajeet c) Gajanana d) Bhootnath
Q 28. (KBC8) What is a selfie, the Oxford dictionary's word of the year 2013?
a) Game b) App c) Photograph d) Fee
Q 29. (KBC8) In films, which Jai gives the 'madad ki chain' mantra: 'Help three people ans ask them to help three others in return'?
a) Jai in Jai Ho b) Jai in Sholey c) Jai in Dhoom 3 d) Jai in Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na
Q 30. (KBC8) Which of these holy cities is known as Kashi?
a) Ayodhya b) Allahabad c) Varanasi d) Haridwar