Geography Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. What is the capital of Italy?
a) Pisa b) Naples c) Rome d) Madrid
Q 22. What is the capital of Egypt?
a) Siwah b) Cairo c) Aswan d) Alexandria
Q 23. Which animal is the main attraction in Assam's Kaziranga National Park?
a) The one-horned rhinoceros b) Giraffe c) Lion d) Zebra
Q 24. Where is the headquarters of Microsoft located?
a) Tucson, Arizona b) Santa Clara, California c) Redmond, Washington d) Richmond, Virginia
Q 25. Manikaran is a pilgrim site located in _____________?
a) Jammu & Kashmir b) Uttaranchal c) Punjab d) Himachal Pradesh
Q 26. Which Pacific entity is farthest north?
a) Palau b) Federated States of Micronesia c) Guam d) Northern Mariana Islands
Q 27. Which country follows the United States and China in total number of Internet users?
a) United Kingdom b) Germany c) France d) Japan
Q 28. The largest Buddhist Monastery in India is located at__________?
a) Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh b) Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh c) Gangktok, Sikkim d) Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh
Q 29. Which is the largest cricket stadium in Asia?
a) Chinnaswamy Stadium b) Eden Gardens Stadium c) Wankhede Stadium d) Ferozshah Kotla Stadium
Q 30. What is Goa's capital city?
a) Panaji b) Mumbai c) Goa d) Vasco da Gama