History Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. There were four dynasties flourising in Tamil Nadu, Three of them were Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas, Which was the fourth?
a) Pallavas b) Kakatiyas c) Hoysalas d) Rashtrakutas
Q 22. Which Chinese traveller's description about the Indian society are recorded in the book 'Fo-Kero-Ki'?
a) Pan-Ku b) I-tsing c) Fa-hien d) Hiuen Tsang
Q 23. Who was the last ruler of the Mauryan Kingdom?
a) Asoka b) Tivara c) Brihadratha d) Kunal
Q 24. The Iron Pillar at Mehrauli was built during the ruling period of which dynasty?
a) Satvahanas Dynasty b) Kushan Dynasty c) Maurya Dynasty d) Gupta Dynasty
Q 25. Who was the French governor who was defeated by Robert Clive during the Anglo-French wars in India?
a) Multiplex b) Charles de Gaulle c) Dupleix d) Napoleon
Q 26. The Gandhara and Mathura School of Art developed during the reign of which ruler?
a) Kanishka b) Menander c) Skandgupta d) Harshavardhana
Q 27. Chandragupta, who first gained power after capturing the rich Ganges Valley, went on to create what ancient Indian empire with his son and grandson?
a) Maurya b) Gupta c) Tamil d) Deccan
Q 28. What are Archer, Standard, Battle-axe, Kacha, and Tiger-slayer all types of?
a) Swords b) Coins c) Bows d) Inscriptions
Q 29. Which Satvahana ruler adopted the title Tri-samudra-toya-pita-vahana?
a) Simuka b) Yajnasri Satkarni c) Gautamiputra Sri Satkarni d) Vashishtiputra Pulumayi
Q 30. We know most of what we know today because of Megasthenes, an ambassador to the Maurya court
a) Greek b) Egyptian c) Ottoman d) Roman