Personalities Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. Who is the founder of Advita philosophy?
a) Adi Shankaracharya b) Basaveshwara c) Sri Ramanujacharya d) Swami Vivekananda
Q 22. Who, in collaboration with the Japanese, started the 'Indian National Army', in the hope of expelling the British from India?
a) Bhagat Singh b) Tantia Tope c) Subhash Chandra Bose d) Gandhi
Q 23. Which British Governor-General was responsible for establishing the Calcutta Medical College?
a) Lord Canning b) Lord William Bentick c) Lord Cornwalis d) Lord Wellesley
Q 24. Rabindra Nath Tagore composed the National Anthem of________?
a) Bangla Desh b) India c) India and Bangla Desh d) India and Nepal
Q 25. Which city in India has built a 15.8 m high 'Gandhi Stupa' dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi?
a) Ranchi, Jharkhand b) Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh c) Vadodara, Gujarat d) Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Q 26. Who among the following is a renowned agricultural scientist?
a) T.S.Mahabale b) M.S.Swaminathan c) P.J.Kurien d) Dr A.S.Paintal
Q 27. How many times was Newton married?
a) Never b) Two c) One d) Three
Q 28. Who was the first to publish a book on Pythagorean doctrine?
a) Alcmaeon b) Pythagoras c) Empedocles d) Philolaus
Q 29. According to Pythagoras, the numbers 1, 3, 6, 10, etc, were called what?
a) Arithmetic b) Harmonic c) Square d) Triangular
Q 30. According to Pythagoras, which of the following had a real and separate existence outside our minds?
a) Numbers b) Ideal forms c) Letters d) Atoms