Religious Beliefs Quiz / MCQs

Q 21. Who is the god of the sun and brother of Varuna?
a) Mitra b) Maruts c) Nakshatras d) Kurma
Q 22. Who is the king of wealth?
a) Indra b) Kubera c) Vayu d) Agni
Q 23. Who did the King originally want to choose to replace him as king?
a) Lakshmana b) Kooni c) Rama d) Bharatha
Q 24. How was Sita related to Janaka?
a) She was his wife b) He married her cousin c) She was his foster-daughter d) He was her cousin
Q 25. What is the name of Rama's brother who goes with him into exile?
a) Ravana b) Dasartha c) Bharatha d) Lakshmana
Q 26. Who was the First Commander in Chief of the Kaurava Army?
a) Ashvathama b) Bheeshma c) Karna d) Drona
Q 27. Who is the female half of Brahma?
a) Satrap b) Kartikeya c) Purusha d) Saranyu
Q 28. What is the vehicle of Lord Kamadeva?
a) Elephant b) Owl c) Parrot d) Swan
Q 29. Vishnu is a dwarf in which of his avatars?
a) Varaha b) Vashishta c) Kurma d) Vamana
Q 30. Whom did Bhima kill when the Pandavas escape from the House of Lac?
a) Hidimb b) Jarasandha c) Bakasura d) Keechaka