MCQs / Quiz

Q 3311. (KBC8EP4) Which dance form is believed to have been inspired from Gotipua Nritya?
a) Manipuri b) Kuchipudi c) Odissi d) Kathakali
Q 3312. (KBC8EP4) Who became the chief minister of Bihar in 2014?
a) Nitish Kumar b) Vijay Kumar Chaudhary c) Narendra Narayan Yadav d) Jeetan Ram Majhi
Q 3313. (KBC8EP4) Which of these temples is located in Kathmandu,the capital of Nepal?
a) Kamakhya temple b) Pashupatinath temple c) Viswanath temple d) Baba Baidyanath temple
Q 3314. (KBC8EP4) Who was the first deaf-blind person to receive a bachelor of arts degree?
a) Alice Betteridge b) Helen Keller c) Laura Bridgman d) Sanzan Tani
Q 3315. (KBC8EP4) Which of these tiger reserves in India is adjacent to Chitwan National park in Nepal?
a) Dudhwa b) Corbett c) Valmiki d) Buxa
Q 3316. (KBC8EP4) Which celebrated Italian film maker on a visit to India fell in love with a Bengali lady, Sonali Dasgupta?
a) Sergio Leone b) Federico Fellini c) Roberto Rossellini d) Luchino Visconti
Q 3317. (KBC8EP5) In Hindu marriages what do bridal couples exchange at mandaps?
a) mobile numbers b) jalebis c) visiting cards d) garlands
Q 3318. (KBC8EP5) Which of these is measured with the help of a glucometer?
a) heartbeat b) blood pressure c) blood sugar d) vision
Q 3319. (KBC8EP5) Identify the language of the song played in the audio clip
a) Gujarati b) Marathi c) Marwari d) Punjabi
Q 3320. (KBC8EP5) With which of these states does Telengana not share its border?
a) Tamil Nadu b) Karnataka c) Chattisgarh d) Maharashtra