MCQs / Quiz

Q 3661. (KBC8EP43) In which sport has Jitu Rai won individual gold medals in international games?
a) weight lifting b) boxing c) shooting d) judo
Q 3662. (KBC8EP43) What is the name given to the cyclone passing through the coastal areas of Odissa and Andhra Pradesh in 2014?
a) Nilofar b) Bijli c) Viyaru d) Hudhud
Q 3663. (KBC8EP43) On the birth centenary of which ghazal singer did the ministry of culture, government of India issue commemorative coins in 2014?
a) Shamshad Begum b) Begum Akhtar c) Noor Jehan d) Mehdi Hasan
Q 3664. (KBC8EP43) Which of these leaders would not have seen the Taj Mahal in their lifetime?
a) Aurangzeb b) Sher Shah Suri c) Bahadur Shah d) Shah Alam II
Q 3665. (KBC8EP43) In the Hindu shastra which of these is mentioned as a powerful weapon?
a) Dharmastra b) Rudrashtra c) Krishnastra d) Bramhastra
Q 3666. (KBC8EP43) Which of these actresses is Uday Chopra's bhabi?
a) Kajol b) Raveena Tandon c) Vidya Balan d) Rani Mukherjee
Q 3667. (KBC8EP43) In which direction does the needle of a compass point?
a) east b) west c) north d) south
Q 3668. (KBC8EP43) In the 2014 Asian games on which event did India win gold medal in both male and female categories?
a) volleyball b) kabaddi c) hockey d) archery
Q 3669. (KBC8EP43) Which of these names is a part of a play by Kalidas?
a) Menaka b) Rambha c) Urvashi d) Tilottama
Q 3670. (KBC8EP43) Who was appointed as the chief justice of India in 2014?
a) R M Lodha b) H L Dattu c) P Shathasivam d) M Y Eqbal