Books Quiz / MCQs

Q 31. 'Tomorrow is just another day.' Which famous American novel ends with this sentence?
a) Seeds b) The Great Gatsby c) Gone with the Wind d) Roots
Q 32. Who are 'The Little People of the Rocks', who Mowgli uses against the Red Dogs?
a) Bees b) Snakes c) A neighbouring wolf pack d) A kind of Indian fairy, or genii
Q 33. Who is the author of Sense And Sensibility?
a) Jane Austen b) E.M. Forster c) Emily Bronte d) Charlotte Bronte
Q 34. The footballer Roy of the Rovers appeared in which children's comic?
a) The Beano b) The Whopper c) The Dandy d) The Tiger
Q 35. On which Greek island is Gerald Durrell's famous book 'My Family And Other Animals' set?
a) Crete b) Corfu c) Mykonos d) Spetses
Q 36. Who is the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four?
a) Aldous Huxley b) Charles Dickens c) George Orwell d) Jules Verne
Q 37. From whom did Mowgli get the idea for how to defeat the Dhole, the Red Dogs?
a) Buldeo b) Akela c) Kaa d) Bagheera
Q 38. 'The Jungle Books' are more than just Mowgli
a) On Greenhow Hill b) The White Seal c) The Undertakers d) Rikki-Tikki-Tavi