Animals Quiz / MCQs

Q 61. Sixty percent of all birds fall into which order?
a) Strigiformes b) Apodiformes c) Coraciiformes d) Passeriformes
Q 62. The ostrich belongs to what order of birds?
a) Gaviiformes b) Piciformes c) Rheiformes d) Struthioniformes
Q 63. Which bird can fly straight up, down, and backward?
a) Sparrow b) Hummingbird c) Eagle d) Pigeon
Q 64. Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), are part of the Phasianidae family
a) Ostriches b) Cranes c) Partridges d) Storks
Q 65. Who wrote the book 'The Origin of Species'?
a) Sir Alexander Fleming b) Stephen Hawking c) Charles Darwin d) Louis Pasteur
Q 66. The largest hookbill makes its home in the Panatal region of Brazil
a) Abaco Parrot b) Glossy Black Cockatoo c) Hyacinth Macaw d) Crimson Rosella
Q 67. Which of these land animals moves most slowly?
a) Three-toed sloth b) Turtle c) Snail d) Rabbit