History Quiz / MCQs

Q 61. Kautilya and Panani were the products of which one of the following ancient Indian universities?
a) Taxila b) Vikramashila c) Nalanda d) Vallabhi
Q 62. 'Ramtanu' was the original name of
a) Kabir b) Tulsidas c) Birbal d) Tansen
Q 63. Which of the following musical instruments is of Indian origin?
a) Sitar b) Flute c) Violin d) Tabla
Q 64. Late Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia was the Maharani of
a) Gwalior b) Bhopal c) Surat d) Jaipur
Q 65. Which Indian city was known in ancient times as 'Saket'?
a) Allahabad b) Lucknow c) Faizabad d) Patna
Q 66. Which Muslim saint lived in the place where Fatehpur Sikri was built?
a) Muhammed Bin Tughlaq b) Ali Malik c) Jainulabdeen Shah Badar d) Salim Chisti Sheikh
Q 67. Which one of these American politician was born in United States of America?
a) Bobby Jindal b) Henry Kissinger c) Arnold Schwarzenegger d) Modeline Albright