Computer Quiz / MCQs

Q 71. What is NAT?
a) Network Address Translation b) Newly Added Technology c) Novell Address Transfer d) Network Administration Tool
Q 72. What is LCP?
a) Link Control Protocol b) Local Connection Protocol c) Laggy Connection Problem d) Lost Connection Problem
Q 73. Which of these is a documented hoax virus?
a) McDonalds screensaver b) Alien.worm c) Adolph d) Merry Xmas
Q 74. What does DOCSIS stand for?
a) Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification b) Data Over Cable Secure International Stds c) Data Over Cable Security Internet Std d) Data Over Cable Service Internet Standard
Q 75. What does SSL stand for?
a) Secure System Login b) Secure Socket Layer c) System Socket Layer d) Superuser System Login
Q 76. What is TTL?
a) Technical Talk Language b) Transparent Transfer Layer c) True Technology Lives d) Time To Live
Q 77. What is VCM?
a) Virtual Connection Manager b) Voice Communications Module c) Voice Controlled Modem d) Virtual Channel Memory
Q 78. What is RISC?
a) Runtime Instruction Set Compiler b) Remodeled Interface System Computer c) Remote Intranet Secured Connection d) Reduced Instruction Set Computer